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Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C have been a major disease causing agents among humans since they were discovered in 1960s. Both causes jaundice like symptoms initially but then their prognosis and treatment are somehow different and depending upon many demographic details like age and susceptibility of the patients and any other co morbid conditions, they clinically present primarily with hepatitis, and can have many adverse effects or even can be life threatening at times if not treated properly. But there epidemiological background and their findings in terms of morbidity, mortality and case fatality rates are different. From the disease burden and impact on the healthcare system, and the prevention of the two diseases, both are quite different. Treatment and management options along with prevention and control, each of these two share its unique strategies of handling the disease. The purpose of this review is to highlight the gaps in disease monitoring and to find ways and opportunities which can lead to improved care and better management of Hep B & C, locally and globally. Online databases were searched and peer-reviewed articles were selected. Key issues identified were lack of education globally in resource limited settings, leading to decrease understandings of the potential hazards associated with needle sharing, lack of access to healthcare, because of lack of insurance. Failure of compliance to vaccination leading to increase MTCT related infections. Increase global travelling demands a systematic programs in most immigrant receiving countries to screen for HBV/HCV infections. Delayed FDA licensing for new drugs hampers the treatment of CHB among children. With advancement in science, an era has come where an effective vaccine against HCV will definitely help in eradicating the infection.

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