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Zhou Weijie, 2003 by the Shandong University of Life Sciences bachelor's degree in 2010 in Shanghai Institute of Biochemistry and Cell obtain Doctor degree, 2011-2015 years postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Biomaterials, University of Michigan, 2015 returning home has served as the basis of Southern Medical University Department of Pathology Professor, Ph.D. It was supported by Outstanding Youth Fund of Guangdong Province in 2015 and selected as the twelfth batch of National Youth Thousands Program. Published first author or correspondence author papers in Nature , Cell Research , Oncotarget and others. Proposed a new scheme of adult stem cell induction and radiotherapy and chemotherapy combined treatment of cancer. Mainly engaged in the mechanism of tumor and treatment research and stem cell repair and regeneration of tissue injury mechanism and application research.


The induction of endogenous adult stem cells by administering soluble molecules provides an advantageous approach for tissue damage repair, which could be a clinically applicable and cost-effective alternative to transplantation of embryonic or pluripotent stem cell-derived tissues for the treatment of acute organ failures. Here we show that HGF/Rspo1 induce liver stem cells to rescue liver dysfunction. Carbon tetrachloride treatment causes both fibrosis and Lgr5+ liver stem cell proliferation, whereas Lgr5 knockdown worsens fibrosis. The Injection of HGF in combination with Rspo1 increases the number Lgr5+ liver stem cells and improves liver function by attenuating fibrosis. We observed Lgr5+ liver stem cells in human liver fibrosis tissues, and once isolated these cells were able to form organoids, treatment with HGF/Rspo1 promoted their expansion. We suggest that Lgr5+ liver stem cells represent a valuable target for liver damage treatment and that HGF/Rspo1 can be used to promote liver stem cell expansion.

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